Our activities for CCPR


The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) is an international treaty which is most fundamental and comprehensive besides the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR).  It came into force in 1976, and was ratified in 1979 in Japan.  It provides the procedure of regularly reporting the human rights situation in member States to ensure that the rights are being implemented. The reports submitted by State parties are reviewed by the UN Human Rights Committee.  The Japanese Government submitted the first repot in October 1980 and the fifth in December 2006, though requested to report in October 2002.

How the SNSRL has acted on the CCPR reports

The SNSRL (Support Network for State Redress Lawsuit in Japan) made an NGO submission on the Compensation for the Victims of Unlawful Detention at the time of Committee’s reviewing the third Government report in October 1993, with the assistance of the Japan Civil Liberties Union (JCLU).

This experience encouraged us to organize, in January 2007, the Counter-report Working group in SNSRL、 which was immediately in action.

The review was expected to take place in July 2008 at the earliest.

We have been quite unfamiliar with the CCPR procedure, with little particular knowledge about what kind of items are connected with our interests, what articles of the Covenant involve them, what kind of point we should make in our report, and how our input could be considered in the review of the state report.

3rd state report

5th state report

6th state report